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APA Formatting, Part 1 – The Title Page


Linda Mizejewski: Women in Popular Culture & Comedy

  • 07:02Open-ended
  • 14:27Open-ended
  • 16:13Open-ended
  • 20:07Open-ended

Answer 5 questions below no number of words

1) Based on what you understand from the reading, why does Mizejewski title her book, Pretty/Funny?

2) In your own words, what is Mizejewski’s thesis? Be specific and detail your answer in 4-6 sentences.

3) Instead of spending an entire book ‘proving’ a thesis, academic writers actually make arguments in layers. Authors develop scholarship by considering the layers and complications to their arguments–these are sort of ‘sub-points’ to the larger thesis. Knowing this, what are two complications or layers to Mizejewski’s argument? Be specific.

4) If Mizejewski wrote another chapter to the book, which comedian do you think she should consider studying and why?

5) What is one argument from Mizejewski that you would revise, update, adjust, or add to and how would you do so?

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