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Article Review assignment set 2

Article Critique or sometimes referred to as a Critical Review of an academic article assignment is designed to give current and future leaders a skill that can be used in work settings. Many times you will find on your job the opportunity to stay current on academic articles regarding critical issues in your field is difficult. As a professional when the opportunity to read an article is available, you must be able to read and summarize the article in a way that knowledge can be transferred to others. The critical reviews that you will conduct for this assignment is one way to review an article and impart information to other persons. The articles should be ones that you can use for your research project.

(total of 1 article should be critically reviewed) Pick an article that is in your topic area and is peer-reviewed.

How the article should be critically reviewed

Please give the following in your answers along with the headers I provide below:

Reference- in (APA)

Purpose of Study





I have attached the first one you did please see his comments below.

Good job on this review however, you did not use the categories I provided for the assignment. Please use the categories for the review I provided for the next review.

please use the categories above