Homework for Leadership

I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.


1) After reading this article, what questions would you ask of a potential employer in an interview, regarding development opportunities? What would you be looking for as their potential answer, to make you consider working for them? What would make you not want to work for them (with regard to their potential answer)?

2) What are YOUR key lessons learned (in your own words please!) after reading this article [address each of the four parts of the article]?

3) How can YOU apply the information you learned in this article to be a better manager and leader, as well as a good employee yourself (give examples)?

Please find and watch the academy award winning movie “The King’s Speech” (2011) and answer the question


1) How does this film relate to our class about Leadership? Please give examples from the film and tie them into the specific major topics/concepts we have studied in the class text and class so far.

2) Summarize what leadership (and personal) lessons YOU (personally) learned from viewing this amazing story.

3) How can you apply what you have learned from viewing and reflecting on this film in your own life?