Homework: ANOVA, Regression and Correlation Paper

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Describing fundamental statistical concepts and the interpretation of these statistical applications for an appropriate design selection and accurate statistical analysis is a critical skill for doctoral students completing a dissertation. Reviewing some prior doctoral dissertations helps to hone these analytical skills and capabilities.

For the weekly assignment, the basic guidelines will help to complete the criteria for the paper:

Locate two or three prior doctoral dissertations that use either a correlational or regression methodology(US-based & business related)

Review Chapters 1 and 3 of the selected dissertations and identify the distinctive design elements that pertain to the particular correlation or regression design. The use of statistical applications should be evident in an overview of the nature and scope of the dissertation research study in Chapter 1. More relevant details and applications are explained in Chapter 3 of the dissertation.

Assess the design, major statistical concepts, applications, and methodologies.

Select one of the dissertations for the completion of the paper.

Write a 3 page paper that includes a synopsis of the research design and methodologies.

Describe how major statistical concepts were applied in the context of the research study and the administration of the selected dissertation.

Analyze the major features of the correlation or regression design itself and explain how the applications fit the selected model. Did the hypotheses include sufficient testing to respond adequately to the research questions? Provide justification for the response.

Explain any potential gaps in the research study. Gaps include variables or elements that are pertinent to the study topic or context of the study setting, but appear to be missing or minimally studied in the research. Gaps might also include any expansions or extensions to the original study context that might make the outcomes more meaningful.

Draw conclusions about the overall research study design elements and the overall effectiveness or validity of the outcomes.

Include references on both the method/design features and the relevant content. Include in-text citations in the narrative of the text and the reference list at the end of the paper. For the reference list, include only references that are included in the text (not all references that are reviewed).

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.