HISTORY110 Life Experiments Essay

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write 500 words for each = TOTAL 1500 words

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Briefly share what the experience was like for you by addressing some of the questions listed below the experiments. Did any part of the experience surprise you? Reflect on how it would be different for people in the past who faced these challenges for more than just a few days. You should also consider how people with identities, physical capabilities, ages or backgrounds different from your own would have experienced the past. Consider how experiencing the world in different ways may impact how we study the ancient past. How does our experience of the world shape the kinds of questions we ask or don’t ask? How does it shape the way we view people in the ancient past? (You should write about 500 words for each experiment for a total of about 1500 words.)

Life Experiment 1: Technology Free 24 Hours

Life Experiment 2: Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

Life Experiment 3: Eat Local!