History 1301, Colonies and Empires

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1.) The 3 G’s as outlined and executed by the Spanish in the 1500s really made an impact on exploration in the new world. Briefly describe and/or discuss the significance of Spain’s major reasons to travel and explore the new world using their idea of the three “G’s” by incorporating material from class, notes, the textbook, and discussion. Include in your answer at least 2 explorers which should cover their purpose, mission and experience when reaching the new land during the 1600s. Make sure to look at the two explorers you have chosen and analyze how their mission played a part in shaping the settlement and power that Spain eventually acquired.

The Slave Trade System played a part in history and helped in the creation of the United States. In a good two page essay, analyze the slave trade system, its impact upon the world at the time it was occurring and history both in content and magnitude. There are three distinctive areas of interests that were covered in class as it relates to the slave trade system. In a good two page essay, choose any two of these areas and explain and analyze how significant or important they played in history. Make sure to include examples from class, your notes, any and all class discussions, and examples from the movie clip from Roots that was shown in class.