Help with Unit 1 Discussion 2 assignment for World Regional Geography GEO-102 class

Can you help me understand this Subject Major question?

help with this assignment below. needs to be two page assignment, double spaced.

For the second discussion, you basically just want to do some searching around online for articles discussing ways that people/organizations are using GIS to tackle a problem of some kind. A couple good starting points are and

The article should have a clear relevance to either a topic in physical geography (climate, landforms, species distributions/characteristics, natural hazards, etc.) or human geography (social, political, economic, cultural characteristics of a place or area). As you browse potential articles, as yourself things like “what problem is this helping to solve?” On the sites above, you could also try searching for keywords like “culture” or “climate.”

In the first discussion post, you should write a brief summary of the article that gives the class a general snapshot of what it covers. If it discusses a lot of different topics, it’s okay to focus on one that is interesting to you personally. Then, in the second paragraph, explain why the article is relevant to a topic in physical or human geography, or both, by writing something like “This article is related to human geography because it is mapping cultural sites that haven’t been mapped before. Culture is important to understand because…” (etc.)