Help in writing weekly synopsis

I’m studying for my Marketing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Share a 800-word minimum synopsis of the strategic marketing concepts discussed in the three articles attached not including introduction and conclusion. This paper should be completed using APA formatting.

Use subject headers for organization – Introduction, Conclusion and obviously specific headers to support content provided. Do not use any other references other than the attached articles

our subject headers should be (based of course on articles attached, refer to the example below)

Introduction (minimum 50-words)

Article # 1 – A good better best

Article # 2 – A survey of 1700 companies

Article # 3 – Automated pricing

Conclusion (minimum 50-words)

Your reference list and your citations must match exactly – in other words, do not list your reference as Forbes magazine and then put the author in the citation credit (McFaul, 2011) – put the author’s name first in the reference list too! Match – match – match! Otherwise, I might not be able to validate your reference / citation and you would lose getting credit for that source