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For the following processor (10th generation):

  • Intel® Core™ i7-7700K Processor
  • Research the following:

  • The number of cores the processor has and what a core is (in your own words)
  • The number of threads this processor can handle and basically what does this mean (in your own words)
  • o Does it support Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology and what is this (in your own words)

  • Its Cache size and what is cache (in your own words)
  • Several security measures this processor entail and what do they do (in your own words)
  • Graphics video max memory and what does this mean (in your own words)
  • The component type which provides the mechanical and electrical connections between the processor and motherboard (Its name/number)
  • Does it support error-correcting code memory and what is this
  • What is the bus speed (explain what the speed is), what does it mean (such if it is FSB it is a front side bus which carries data between the CPU and memory controller hub)
  • please do not copy any word from any websites, and use your word and answer all questions above. Delivery time is Thursday, 6 am

    Thank you