hello there ,I would like to get some help with my history assignment

I’m trying to learn for my History class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

  • You are an organizer for EITHER a Workers’ Association OR a Factory Owners’ Discussion Club.
  • You are designing a flyer for your group. You want to encourage others to join you.
  • What ideas would you promote? What would motivate others to come to your meeting?
  1. Use any program you wish to create your file, as long as you will be able to post the file to Canvas. You can include text and images. Play around with fonts and sizes and make it eye-catching!
  2. Save the file with a name identifying it as for a workers’ or owners’ group.
  3. Post your file to the discussion.
  4. Choose two flyers posted by other students, one from a workers’ group and one from an owners’ group.
  5. Post a reply to these two posts, explaining why workers and owners would consider attending the meeting targeting them.