Hello there, I need someone who has worked before with the site ‘latenitelabs.com’ (which is use for making Chemistry virtual labs). I will provide my username and password in order for you to be able to log in and make the short lab named ‘Separating a M

I don’t know how to handle this Chemistry question and need guidance.

My course is Chem 105 (Chemistry and Modern Society) and the name of the lab for this week is ‘Separating a Mixture of Compounds’. After finishing reading the short background that you will be provided with and realizing the short virtual lab procedures, I need you to realize the short quiz for the lab you just made (which will be in the format of multiple choice answers and short answers which means you need to make sure to have your notes from the lab procedures and background information with you in order to properly answer the questions) so make sure to record your observations while doing the lab procedures (which is not graded but is necessary in order to get the answers for the questions at the short quiz). You will have plenty of time to realize this assignment as I put 3 days as time limit for it. I am offering a short budget of 3 dollars this week (because it is all what I have) but I will have these labs every week and the weekly budget that I will ofer will be between 20-25 dollars starting friom next week.