Hello there, I need some help for this short STAT 201 (Elemantary Statistics) quiz, I would really appreciate it.

Need help with my Statistics question – I’m studying for my class.

The quiz is available at Hawkes Learning from now until Sunday at midnight (EST time). The quiz will only have 10 questions and will have a time duration of 30 minutes. I will give my Hawkes Learning account to the tutor that starts working with me on this question. The quiz will cover the following lessons (which you can also review at my Hawkes Learning account through the Learn and Practice options if you want to prepare or refresh your mind about these topics before taking the quiz):

Lesson: 6.1 Introduction to Probability

Lesson: 6.2 Addition Rules for Probability

Lesson: 6.3 Multiplication Rules for Probability

Lesson: 6.4 Combinations and Permutations