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Roxane Gay’s “Peculiar Benefits”

Required minimum length: 500 words. (Yes, 497 is OK. No, 470 is not.)

Roxane Gay’s “Peculiar Benefits” is a short essay taken from her 2014 collection Bad Feminist. In this essay, Gay discusses various concerns related to the idea of privilege.

Your assignment is to write an essay that offers a close reading of this essay and analyzes several aspects. Think about how Gay addresses the issues surrounding privilege, develop a position on her thoughts and/or on privilege, and bring in quotes from her essay where they apply and where they help to support your points.

You may choose address any one or several of the following questions in your essay, or you can come up with some points of your own:

• Why is acknowledging privilege so difficult? Why is pointing out privilege often taken as an accusation? Is acknowledging privilege helpful or harmful?

• Is it possible to be entirely free of privilege?

• What are the advantages and disadvantages of acknowledging privilege?

• Gay talks about playing the dangerous “Game of Privilege.” What larger problems does this “game” present? • We often discuss privilege as a bad thing, but is privilege always bad? Why or why not?

• Is privilege objective in that it has everything to do with the person in question, or is it relative to other people around that person?

You will earn an A and all 100 points for this assignment if you: • Write an appropriate introduction with a thesis statement and a strong conclusion. • Intelligently address and analyze some of the essay’s key aspects in a clear and understandable manner. • Use specific evidence from the text to illustrate your points. • Use well-structured paragraphs. • Use proper grammar, mechanics, and word choice. • Proofread for content and clarity. • Follow MLA formatting.

No citations are required for this paper, though if you do refer to any sources, you will need to cite them appropriately.