Hello there, I need help for my STAT 201 (Elementary Statistics) homework for this week at Hawkes Learning. I would really appreciate it.

I’m working on a Statistics exercise and need support.

I will provide my Hawkes Learning account to the tutor that works with me on this question.

These are the 4 short sections that I need to certify at Hawkes Learning (6.1 section has 9 question, 6.2 section has 10 questions, 6.3 section has 7 questions, and 6.4 section has 11 questions). These are the names of each section:

Lesson: 6.1 Introduction to Probability

Lesson: 6.2 Addition Rules for Probability

Lesson: 6.3 Multiplication Rules for Probability

Lesson: 6.4 Combinations and Permutations