Healthy Classroom Rewards National School Lunch Program

This essay entails a paper on the Healthy Classroom Rewards which is involves the National School Lunch Program. Healthy Classroom Rewards helps every student to participate in the school activities. It also influences the feeding schedule of the children.

Healthy Classroom Rewards National School Lunch Program

Firstly, Healthy Classroom Rewards (INTASC Principle 3). In June 2004, the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act signs into law, makes it mandatory for schools who participate in the National School Breakfast Program or the National School Lunch Program to have a written school wellness policy by July 1, 2006. One main area of the policy relates to nutrition standards for all the foods served at the school, including food used for school and classroom rewards for students.

Furthermore, while children like food rewards, these rewards often contradict the nutrition lessons being taught in the classroom. This activity will help you examine different approaches to classroom rewards and aid you in developing your own classroom practices.

Secondly, identify five school corporation/district policies regarding the use of food as a school or classroom reward for students. Compare and contrast the various policies in terms of whether or not food can be used as a reward and the different types of suggested alternatives.

Also, the Action for Healthy Kids ( (Links to an external site.)) and USDA Food and Nutrition Service Team Nutrition websites ( (Links to an external site.)) are great sources for locating such policies.

Thirdly, develop a reward policy for your classroom. Imagine you are in a school district that does not permit the use of food as a reward. Attach your reflection. Reflection: What did you learn from this activity?

Lastly, what types of rewards do you believe will motivate children the most? What are your beliefs about using food as a reward? Does your reward policy support your teaching philosophy and your beliefs about health? Support your statements.