Health Tech 4

Can you help me understand this Health & Medical question?

Discussion: The response to the facilitator’s original post should be a minimum of 250 words and must be supported by at least four scholarly sources from google scholar. References should include a scholarly source outside your textbook. References and citations are required for your initial and response posts.

1 What technologies are available to ensure patient safety and privacy?

Complete: For this assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format.

What is the difference between a LAN and a WAN? What are the alternatives to these two topologies today and are they both required to support new technology? Use at least four APA formatted references in your response.