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Develop and write section two of the Project Thesis. Title this, Section 2: Proficiency Status.

The basis for this section is the information collected in the competency assessment gap report conducted.

This second section of the Project Thesis should include:

  • A discussion and analysis of your current performance proficiency for each of the five ACHE leadership domains, including strengths and weaknesses.
  • A discussion and analysis of current performance proficiency based upon a review of the coursework done in the master’s program

Make sure to use the competency assessment gap report, that I uploaded and you will see an example of how the papers will look like when you finish. Please don’t copy and paste, it’s will be known by the website called turn in.

  • Use these sources along with personal analysis and reflection.

Please follow APA format and you don’t have to add any reference Unless if you use information from Source, it’s all about self-assessment. Notes 8-11 pages. Note, this section related to section 1 you have all information about section 1 just you need to Continue writing section 2.