Health care informatics, business management , nursing , healthcare

Health care informatics, business management , nursing , healthcare using at least five scholarly, relevant, and appropriate sources, create a literature review of the scholarship around the topic of your research proposal. additional information for the writer to note: this was my original proposal Topic and Research Question Topic: As an Interdisplinary Studies Major, I have covered many subjects with focus point being to someday follow a career in healthcare Management. I have covered many subjects that are tailored around business Administration and the healthcare science courses. Hypothesis: A review on my areas of study and having knowledge in multiple aspects of business management, human resources and health care can further my career opportunities. I will exceed in quality on the topics and further my expertise in order to keep my opportunities wide in the work force. Research Question: With technology advancing and changing in business managing, what are the benefits in obtaining a career in health care informatics? Disciplines Incorporated: Business- Health Care Management Health Sciences- Nursing Justification: During my college career, I have studied health care management along with nursing and medical assisting courses. I have much knowledge of wide spectrums in leadership, sciences, math, business, and even hands-on health care interactions within my work experience. I believe I am knowledgeable and equipped with tools on both topics to deliver quality perspective for applying skills to mold a great health care manager. Not only the stance of healthcare manager but I have been studying my degree over the decade of change in technology. I can see and understand the changes within corporate leadership teams on technology that can be analyzed, compared and contrasted for the needs in this generation as a Healthcare manager. WRITER: PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING SOURCES and cite in apa format: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.