HCI-660 Benchmark – Report Specifications

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Benchmark – Report Specifications

The purpose of this assignment is to describe the considerations for gathering report specifications. In a 500-700 word essay, address the following:

  1. Describe the purpose of reports in health care.
  2. What are the benefits of generating reports from gathered data? Provide an example of how report data are used in a health care setting.
  3. Describe how incomplete clinical documentation, disparate electronic records, and inconsistent policy affects data acquisition.
  4. Describe factors that can influence how often data should be collected.
  5. Assess the information needed to perform a workflow study tied to wait times in an emergency department. Include the relevant data that would need to be acquired in order to evaluate wait times.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.