Haiku and Acrostic

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Haiku and Acrostic

By completing this activity, you will be able to construct two different types of poems.


For this assignment, you will create a haiku and an acrostic. The first one will be about your hometown.


  1. Write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) about your hometown. Indicate its location and some interesting details about it.
  2. Write a haiku (3 lines with a 5,3,5 syllables pattern).

The second poem is an acrostic. It must be about someone you love or admire.


  1. Write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) about the person you chose.
  2. Write your acrostic.

You have to deliver both tasks in a Word file that includes a cover page with your name. The short paragraph should be written in Times New Roman, 12.


My name is Jesus Villafuerte, my hometown is Miami, The United States of America