Greek Debate Class

This is a research paper that needs to incorporate both primary and secondary sources to argue a specific, academic viewpoint. You do not have to use big words, but have this be a well written essay. Choose one of the prompts below to write about. I prefer more words than less, Thank you. Choose one of the following prompts: -How were gender dynamics established in Greek epic and what can this tell us about early Greek society? -Were tyrants detrimental to the development of a Greek polis? Support your position. -How did Greek writers and dramatists use the Persians to define what it means to be Greek? -To what extent did religious festivals allow women to participate in Greek public life? -How has the work of early archaeologists (Schliemann, Evans, etc.) shaped our understanding of the Bronze Age Aegean? Were there problems in their interpretation of evidence? -Can the Persian Wars be defined as a conflict between the united city-states of Greece and the Persian Empire or was the situation more complex? Support your position with evidence. -What was the message and audience of the art and architecture of the Athenian Acropolis in the fifth century BC? Support your argument using specific buildings and pieces of art. -Could Athens have won the Peloponnesian War? Support your answer by identifying key policies and explaining the correct course of action.