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Having just studied word structure and morphological processes this week, I would like you to apply the concepts you learned there to understanding new words. New words are not hard to find—groups of people create them all the time, for all kinds of reasons. One good place to look is so-called “slang”.

I must say, I do not particularly care for the word “slang”, since it is vague and scientifically unhelpful—your mental lexicon and your mental grammar do not recognize a distinction between “slang” and “non-slang”. Rather, there are just “words”. Furthermore, the thing people call slang today is often regarded as typical non-slang in the future (in fact, this is one of the ways that languages change over time, although it is one of the minor ways).

Nonetheless, people usually have similar feelings about what constitutes “slang”. Try to think of a word that might be new or “slang”, and describe the word-formation process that created it. That is, is it a coinage? Is it a blend? Is it a compound? Does it seem to be none of the processes we talked about? Do your best! (One of the things we may see here are some generational differences; different age groups are notoriously different in their use of informal vocabulary)

Easy vocabulary. 3-4 sentences. No plagiarism. No need for citations.