Geography questions

Help me study for my Geography class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Step 1. Go to the link below.

1. What is the current population of the US as shown on the population clock?

2. What is the current population of the world on the population clock?

Step 2. Go to the link below.

3. What is the rate (net gain) of US population growth?

4. How does the USA rank in terms of the 10 most populous countries?

5. What country is next behind the US in terms of population?

6. What was the most populous state?

7. What was the total population of that state?

Step 3. Click on the “Cities” tab.

8. What city ranks second to New York in population?

Step 4. Go back to and look for the US Age and Sex Population diagram.

9. What does the shape of the pyramid indicate about the US?

Step 5. Go the the link below, which accesses the International Database (IDB).

Select “Reports” drop-down menu and go to the bottom – “Population Pyramid Graphs.”

Then, select “2010” from the drop-down menu. On the right side of the page, select a country that begins with the same letter as your last name.

On the lower left side in the box, under Aggregation Options, select “Show individual country data only.”

Select the Submit button. A population pyramid should appear. Evaluate the level of development as indicated by the shape of the pyramid.

Narrow or narrowing base – Developing or more developed country

Wide or widening base – Less developed country

Columnar – Developed

Write a sentence or two that explains your observation/evaluation.

Repeat the actions under Step 5 above for the United States and compare with the country you selected.