(G.A) Please follow all instructions closely. Very important.

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

For this essay, you will make an argument about a topic as it is handled in two of the literary works that you will read this semester.

To write this essay, you should connect the two texts (see below) around an issue that is raised in both texts. You must make an argument or claim about how the texts are connected using that issue. Making an argument means going to below the surface, so you should not say that both texts deal with the issue of family; instead, say how they are connected.

You need to analyze both texts in your essay, which means finding and analyzing specific quotes from each text. Do not spend one paragraph on one work and another paragraph on the second.

Use class discussion threads on Canvas to help you generate ideas.

Readings: Your choice of the following pairs of readings:

  • Option #1: Hayden, “Those Winter Sundays” (381) and Roethke, “My Papa’s Waltz” (382)
  • Option #2: Giovanni, “Legacies” (387) and Soto, “Behind Grandma’s House” (394).

Now, to write your thesis, you must understand what a thesis is. A thesis is an arguable claim. Saying the weather is sunny and bright is NOT arguable. However, saying that sunny, bright weather increases revenue at baseball games is arguable.

For full credit (10 points), I am asking for your thesis statement to have 4 parts:

1. the claim

2. the context

3. the counterargument

4. the significance

I want you to separate out all 4 parts…read the page on how to construct a generative thesis for an explanation! Also,for full credit,I want you to respond to 2+ peers and provide effective, thoughtful feedback.