Fund of Mgmt: answer the questions at the end of the chapter then Find a recent article

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Please answer the questions at the end of the chapter. Find a recent (last 3-6 months) article relating to a topic covered in the chapter and write a brief summary, explicitly relating the article to the topic (so I don’t have to guess at the relationship). Please provide a reference for the article.

focus more on the discussion questions, the summary part no longer than 1 paragraph.

Discussion Question:

1. Is there a “best” employment process stepwise? What steps must come first and last?

2. Compare briefly the major types of employment interviews described in this chapter.Which type would you prefer to conduct?


3. What characteristics do job knowledge and job sample tests have that often make them more acceptable to candidates than other types of tests?

4. What is meant by the term criterion as it is used in personnel selection? Give some examples of criteria used for jobs with which you are familiar.