From the World of Myth by David Leeming, select one section, and read one or more parts under that section. ESSAY I. Cosmic Myths: The Creation; The Flood; The Apocalypse

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1. SELECT a TOPIC and title for your research essay: For example: Creation and Flood According the PoPol-Vuh

2. RESEACH the topic, and READ the LITERATURE that contains the mythology–these are primary sources.

3. RESEARCH the cultural manifestations of the myth in secondary sources, which might be translations; literary criticism; artistic presentations in sculpture, painting, film, adaptations, etc.

3. WRITE the ESSAY: See below the parts of the essay and the MLA format and documentation required.


  • First paragraph: What is the topic and the main idea here? Introduction of topic basic facts , including history, literary origin and format, authorship and/or major translations; and a thesis statement that contains an informed opinion on your part.
  • Second paragraph or more: Where does the myth come from specifically? a description of the literary source(s), including interesting key plot incidents and ideas from the text.
  • Be sure to read and quote from the literature primary sources and to include in-text parenthetical citations from primary sources.
  • Next paragraph or more: What is the historical and cultural influence of this myth? From your research into secondary sources, describe the cultural implications of this myth in history, art, literature, film, literary criticism, etc.
  • Last paragraph, so what? Why is this interesting? What questions and answers does this miss pose? How relevant is this in this century?