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I don’t understand this Philosophy question and need help to study.

Keep your answers for each question at 1-2 paragraphs each.

Regarding Chapter 5

  • After reading chapter 5 go back to the School of Names section (80-82)
    • Melchert seems to get into a debate with himself as to whether they seemed like Sophists or the Eleatic (Parmenides influenced) movements in Greek Philosophy. Well, were they or are they something completely different – give evidence from the chapter.

Regarding Chapter 10

  • Please spend some time explaining the Confucian doctrine of “differentiated loves”.Mencius believes philosophers like Zhu attach too much weight to personal interest.Why is this not good according to Mencius (226-227)?
  • Please explore the concept of filial piety and how Confucius relates it to human goodness (222-223)


Confucius claims good manners and virtue are essential for public service and political positions — therefore,

  • Do you agree with him? Why or why not?
  • If so, what 5 criteria would be necessary for someone to qualify for political office? the book