Formulate your design approach for creating each visual

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to formulate your design approach for creating each visual . The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper.

Formulate your design approach for creating each visual


You currently volunteer for a nonprofit organization. Because you stated on your volunteer application that you enjoy designing marketing tools and participating in outreach events, the director of advancement has asked you to help prepare materials for an open-house event next weekend. Your goal is to leverage technology to produce various visuals that communicate the organization’s mission and appeal to its target audience.

Specifically, the director would like you to prepare one visual for advertising the organization’s participation in the open house and one visual that you can hand out to visitors at your booth. The visuals should be able to stand alone as well as speak to one another to tell a story. The director assures you that she will provide any materials you may need to effectively deliver your visuals.
Because you are not an employee of the organization, the director is expecting to review your concept for the visuals prior to the open house. The director will ask you to discuss your design approach regarding how you created the visuals.


Choose a nonprofit organization that interests you. Research the nonprofit organization to gather information regarding its mission and target audience.
* Creative Brief: Use the information you gathered from the nonprofit organization to formulate your design approach for creating each visual for the open house. Before you begin conceptualizing the visuals, the director sends you a link to the organization’s media directory that contains a number of tools and technologies that the organization has licenses for to create your visuals. You should choose two tools from the directory that you will use to create your visuals. The director has asked you to use a different tool or technology for each visual.

To present your plan to the director, prepare a creative brief that outlines your concept for the open-house materials. In your brief, be sure to explicitly identify the organization, its mission, and its target audience. In addition, the director has asked you to address the following in your brief:
* Firstly, describe the visual communication tools and technology you will use to create each visual.
* Secondly, justify your selection of the visual communication-related tools and technology to create the visuals. Consider why this is the appropriate tool or technology in relation to achieving the project goal.
* Thirdly, identify the appropriate delivery method for each visual.
* Lastly, briefly explain your reasoning for using each delivery method in regard to the organization and its audience.