For the assignment, you will need to be able to discuss the following probability concepts and methods using words without formulas or numbers.

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Concepts Assignment Segment – Probability Foundations

1. Describe what an event is in probability. Then describe both simple and compound events.

2. Describe the types of data set relationships – complement, union, intersection, mutually exclusive or disjoint

3. Describe the general product rule

4. What does Bayes theorem do/show? What is the big-picture value of this method?

5. There are three types of probability: marginal, joint, and conditional, describe each and try to think of a reason why each would be important.

6. Describe the following 3 counting techniques: the basic counting principle, permutations, and combinations. See how many you can think of having a value in engineering field.

In addition, you will provide examples of how engineering field would apply each of these elements of probability to problems your field might address.