Focusing on The Story of Stuff in view of Leonard’s arguments

This is a paper that focuses on the Focusing on The Story of Stuff in view of Leonard’s arguments. The paper also provides in detail the requirements for writing the paper.

Focusing on The Story of Stuff in view of Leonard’s arguments

Essay Prompt – The Story of Stuff

Focusing on The Story of Stuff (SS), write a 4-5 pg. essay on one of the following questions:
A. In view of Leonard’s arguments about the Materials Economy, why is it so important to reduce overconsumption?  You may use the book, as well as examples from the Internet and your own life.  You may want to address quality of life issues in the U.S. and around the world, such as environment, family, physical health, mental health, finances, employment, education, and recreation.

B. How has The Story of Stuff changed your view of many of the things you buy?  Choose several of these products and trace their way through the Materials Economy using Leonard’s five stages and discuss the damage they cause and how we can reduce our use of each product.  You may use the book, personal experiences, and Internet sources in your discussion.


Thesis at end of Introduction
PIE Paragraphs – Topic sentence at beginning of paragraph
Conclusion with thesis paraphrase
Standard Format
At least one quote from SS per body paragraph
MLA in-text citation format

Chapter Study Guides – The Story of Stuff

Firstly, identify the author’s main arguments in your chapter.  Paraphrase them and note the page numbers.

Secondly, identify strong facts or statistics that support the author’s arguments.  Note the page numbers.

Thirdly, identify effective examples that help to illustrate the author’s ideas.  Paraphrase them and note the page numbers.

Fourthly, identify inspiring or shocking quotes that support the author’s ideas.  Copy the quotes and cite the page numbers.

Then, identify key vocabulary words that may be difficult to understand.  Copy the sentence in which you find each word and give its definition.

Lastly, prepare a handout for the class in which you give key points from the chapter and their page numbers.  Send it to Mrs. Z. so that I can email it to the class.