Financial performance and position of Mama’s and Papa’s organisation

This is a paper that focuses on the financial performance and position of Mama’s and Papa’s organisation. The paper also identifies the impact of economy on organizations.

Financial performance and position of Mama’s and Papa’s organisation

You should produce a 2,200 analysis in the format of a report, which uses key accounting ratios to evaluate the financial performance and also position of your chosen organisation. You should produce comparative numerical ratios for each of the three years and analyse and explain any trends within these ratios. Your report should also identify, explain and justify three key strategic decisions which you believe the organisation should take as a result of the financial analysis you have carried out. Choose an external stakeholder of your chosen organisation to be your audience. Your analysis and report should cover learning outcomes 1, 2,3 and 4.
The organization is: Mama`s &Papa`s

Completion of this analysis will address the following learning outcomes:
1 Firstly, identify and evaluate the impact the economy has on business organisations.
2 Secondly, evaluate financial information in a range of organisational contexts.
3 Thirdly, interpret key financial information to aid decision making and performance monitoring.
4 Fourthly, appraise and propose courses of action informed by accounting tools and concepts.

Guide Structure

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (250 words, max)
· General Introduction of the whole assignment and what you have done: o What the Module is about o What the assignment is about o Importance of Financial Ratios
INTRODUCTION: (150 words, max)
· Introduce how Economic links with Business
o How Economic Factors impact on Business and how that can cause Movement Along the Curve and also Shift Along the
o Introduce the next section of the work here
A. Carryout Analysis of Economic Factors and discuss their impacts on the Business (300)
· Macro-Economic Factors – Discuss these with appropriate economic diagrams. (Shifts and/or movements along the curves)
· MICRO Economic Factors – Discuss these with appropriate diagrams. (Shifts and/or movements along the curves).
· Comment on the performance of Your Company results and position between the three years, mentioning possible causes and also effects for the changes.