Financial Mathematics assignment

I need help with a Mathematics question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

2. It consists of 9 questions in total, with the last two requiring the use of a spreadsheet program, such as Excel.

3. You are to show all your work, as you will be marked on your full solution along with your final answer, and part marks will be available. You can type up your solutions or use a Tablet/iPad, or you can write them out by hand. You will ultimately need to upload them to Gradescope. That means you will need to scan your solutions (including your computer question solutions) and upload them as one PDF document to Gradescope (just like you had to do for Test 1). AND do not forget to “assign” your questions — let Gradescope (and thus by extension, the TA’s) on what page is the solution(s) to question 1, on what page is the solution(s) to question 2, on what page is the solution(s) to question 3(a), on what page is the solution to 3(b), and so on.

Write clearly and darkly — best to use a DARK PEN or DARK PENCIL to write your solutions. The “lighter” your hand written solutions look, the HARDER it is to mark.

4. For the spreadsheet questions, you do not need to show your formulas or equations. Just your results. It is probably best to print off your results and scan them as part of the solutions to your whole assignment. Or use whatever method you can to save your spreadsheet solutions as a PDF.

And make sure your spreadsheet solutions look “nice”, just like how you would want them to look if you were giving a presentation to a room full of managers or customers. You will be marked on your values AND on how the output looks which means you may LOSE marks if your output looks “messy”. So make sure you round to the nearest cent for dollar figures (don’t show 3, 4, 5 or more decimals for dollar amounts) and maybe up to 4 decimals for any rates or percentages that you have to calculate/display.