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I’m trying to learn for my Management class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

while using the topic i chose in the discussion below i need you to do my final project and the instuction files and grading rubric is down below. if you have any question please ask

  • Topic: Program Evaluation Diagnostic Model for use in process improvement in Tasec organization Tasec organization deals with the manufacture of soft drinks, which are distributed across California. The organization has several workers that are involved in the production and packaging of the drinks. However, the number of workers can be reduced to cut down production costs. Automatic machines can be used in the packaging of the bottles, which will help to increase productivity.Program evaluation is the most suitable diagnostic model that can effectively improve the organization’s productivity. Program evaluation is used in testing the suitability of new programs within an organization and their overall impacts (Baharudin & Abdullah, 2020). Similarly, the model is applied to increase productivity while maintaining the production cost at a lower level. Program evaluation is the most appropriate model to use in Tasec to ensure the automation technology is beneficial to the organization. Also, given that automation technology will be utilized for the first time in Tasec, the model will monitor the production level. An increase in production will indicate that the improvement process is successful (Baharudin et al., 2020). However, if the benefits will go down, then the automation technology will be unsuitable for the organization. Therefore, organization management will have to be more vigilant while using the machine to obtain the correct data. Thus, program evaluation is the best diagnostic model to use during the process improvement.
    Reference: Baharudin, I. S., & Abdullah, B. (2020). A critical analysis of organizational diagnostic models and new diagnostic model proposition for construction companies. In Applied Mechanics and Materials (Vol. 899, pp. 253-267). Trans Tech Publications Ltd.
    Diane Bandow
    Diane Bandow
    Sep 7, 2020Sep 7 at 3:46pm
  • Gerald,

    The program evaluation process is currently in existence if I understand this correctly, but the automation technology will be new, is this correct? Are you proposing to establish a process to monitor through this model? Yes, they will need to be very careful about monitoring the data. Do they have parameters already established or will this be a process to establish parameters and set up the process from the beginning?

  • Gerald Bell
    Gerald Bell
    Sep 13, 2020Sep 13 at 7:47pm

    Dr. Bandow,Yes Ma’am you are understanding it correctly, Dr. Bandow i was looking to see if they had a Parameters but I couldn’t find one so I’m thinking the process will be from the beginning.

  • Diane Bandow
    Diane Bandow
    Sep 14, 2020Sep 14 at 11:39am

    Gerald -GREAT!Please proceed and let me know if you’d like to talk through anything. Keep in mind that an IT solution by itself does not solve the problem because it is embedded and intertwined with the humans that use it. An IT solution can be part of the proposal but it should not be the focus of the proposal. It’s also important to note whether or not this is a practical approach for an organization because it can be expensive, especially if it is not in the strategic plan (or the budget). You might have to consider a workaround until funds are available.