Final draft fixing any punctuation or grammar errors & APA formatting

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Five-Paragraph Essay Revision

The final step in the writing process is to polish your draft to make a final revision. Make it shine by considering all you have learned about your topic, using credible sources and writing paragraphs that tie into your thesis and sound true to your voice. Remember to use Smarthinking if you need assistance.

This week, you will complete a detailed revision of your Unit 6 argumentative essay submission by submitting a well-organized, error-free final version that considers all of the feedback you have received. Download this template to help you complete this assignment.

NOTE: You may submit either the fully completed template or use it as a guide, and submit only what you have included in the template.

The final draft should include the following:

  1. Use feedback from your instructor, peers, and any other sources to revise and finish writing your 5-paragraph essay.
  2. Demonstrate your understanding of the final step of the writing process—revision.
  3. Submit your paper that includes all of the following:
    • Title page
    • Abstract page
    • Opening paragraph with thesis statement
    • 3 body paragraphs that support your opinions/positions with source information
    • Conclusion paragraph
    • References page (citations must be provided, but only the attempt to do so will be graded)
  4. Be sure to address the following in your submission:
    • APA formatting for the entire paper and the references listed (the paper should be double spaced, with 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, per APA guidelines)
    • Use of at least 1 credible source to support your position on the topic
    • Use of at least 1 example of each of the following:
      • Quotation (include in-text citations in proper APA style)
      • Paraphrasing (include in-text citations in proper APA style)
    • Logical reasoning
    • Assignment Criteria Proficient Descriptor Points
      Introduction • Uses interesting opening strategies (fact, statistic, anecdote, etc.) to set the context and introduce the issue
      • Takes a clear position on the issue
      • Includes a clear thesis statement that contains the main idea and three supporting ideas to set the scope of the paper and provide an effective transition to the remaining paper. FEEDBACK: You did a great job providing a solid intro to your paper and preparing your reader for the information ahead. Nice job!
      40/40 pts.
      Body Paragraphs: Development of Ideas • Identifies a main idea in each of the 3 body paragraphs through a topic sentence, and includes 3-4 supporting sentences that align with the main idea.
      • Develops the thesis statement logically through the topic sentences and supporting ideas in each of the 3 body paragraphs.
      • Provides reasonable examples as needed. FEEDBACK: Your body paragraphs are fantastic and you provided some great evidence to support your claims.
      30/30 pts.
      Body Paragraphs: Use of Counterarguments • Discusses and addresses counterarguments where relevant. FEEDBACK: Your counter argument was clear and logical. 15/15 pts.
      Body Paragraphs: Use of Transitions • Uses transitions appropriately to move the reader smoothly from one paragraph to the next. FEEDBACK: Your transitions were great; clear, and concise. 5/5 pts.
      Conclusion • Sums up the main points and connects briefly back to the thesis statement.
      • Reiterates the position taken on the issue and reflects on the importance of the issue. FEEDBACK: Great job on this conclusion! Your summary tied your main points together well and restated your main thesis.
      30/30 pts
      Use of Evidence • Provides one example each of quotation, paraphrasing, and logical reasoning when presenting evidence
      • Uses at least one credible source in the direct quotation and in the paraphrases as directed to support arguments made in the essay.
      • Cites and references all sources accurately in APA Style. FEEDBACK: Your evidence was great, but I would like you to continue working on your APA formatting. Please review in-text citations and formatting guidelines.
      13/15 pts.
      Grammar & Mechanics • Sentences are clear, well-articulated within the specified assignment requirements, and free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors
      • Writing edits reflect that instructor feedback has been addressed appropriately in the final submission. FEEDBACK: Nice work, however, there were several punctuation and grammar errors. Please continue to work on this.
      8/10 pts.
      Submission Style and Format • Paper is double spaced using 12-point Times Roman font with Running head.
      • Includes APA formatted Title and Reference Page.
      FEEDBACK: Your formatting had a great start, but you should use the APA template provided as well as consult the APA handbook.
      4/5 pts.
      Total 144/150 pts.

      Overall feedback: Jami, overall, your paper was excellent and you provided a solid foundation. I would like you to review the feedback above and let me know f you have any questions. Thank you!