Final Business Discussion

I’m trying to study for my Business course and I need some help to understand this question.

In simple terms for each of the six items, you must address in your post, you will:

  1. Analyze the information you have gained.
  2. Explain how you have used this information.
  3. Describe how you will use this information in the future.
  4. Include an outside reference with a URL that assisted you through this course and will continue to be of value in the future.

Submit your response addressing the following six items.

  1. What are the electronic/computer needs that drive our economy today?
  2. How does understanding various Microsoft Office applications enhance productivity in education, the workplace, and at home?
  3. How can Word Processing software give you the ability to better position yourself or a business, in today‘s society? Why?
  4. How does having an understanding of spreadsheet software help you succeed in your personal or professional life?
  5. What did you learn that will give you the ability to create an eye-catching, thought-provoking presentation?
  6. How can you use a database in your daily lives?

Use correct grammar and punctuation in your discussion.