Film reflection

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1. View the following film: “Dark Waters” (this film can be viewed on multiple streaming content sites for less than seven dollars.

2. Once you have viewed the film, answer the following questions below.

a. In one to two paragraphs for each point, discuss the three main points of this film.

b. In 3-4 paragraphs discuss how the issues identified in this film (the main points) could impact the area of environmental policy broadly or overall.

c. {Clean Air Act “CAA”, Clean Water Act “CWA”, CERCLA act, Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, federal facility compliance act, energy policy act, The Occupational Safety & Health Act “OSHA”, The Pollution Prevention Act}

above are some examples of environmental laws. Discuses environmental laws mentioned in the film and explain the relevancy to these issues you mentioned above in section (a). Regarding the issues covered in this film, indicate if the law will be impacted in any way or stay the same due to the outcomes identified in the film. Identify what you think those impacts will be or why there will be no impacts.

Note: you can discuss and mention other laws that are not mentioned above.

d. Finally, think about everything you learned in the film and in class to date, what new environmental policy changes are needed to deal with this issue? Which of the policies listed in item “c” above would you choose to change and why? Discuss this in at least 3-4 paragraphs.