Field Experience

Guidelines for the Field Experience Requirement

You must “attend” at least 4 policy events, at least approximately 1 hour in length. Attendance of at least one of these events must be in-person.

Up to 3 of the 4 events may be online and they must have a health policy focus. Online health policy events/ webinars will be posted from which you may choose. In addition, you may identify your own online policy events, but please check with your instructor to make sure the events you choose are eligible for field hours.

In-person events must be health-related. For example, an example of in-person event would be attendance at a local board of health meeting, a local school-board meeting, a legislative hearing or meeting, a meeting by an executive branch agency that falls under your governor, a meeting by advocacy organization or special interest group, or a meetings of a political party, political group, or candidate.

General Guidelines

  1. At each event, take notes, and then write up an account and analysis of each event, using the template for field experience logs (below), and the Field Experience Rubric posted on Moodle.
  2. You are required to complete and post a field event report assignment every other week, in Weeks 02, 04, 06, and 08.


field experience

I don’t understand this Psychology question and need help to study.

The assignment is for field experience with an agency that offers support to senior citizens that are on hospice. Please keep that in mind when you answer questions ,

. Respond to the following in a minimum of 275 words for questions 1 and 2: FOR QUESTION 3 175 WORDS the agency is something up base on what you would do as a human service student, most of the staff is working from home and I will be doing mostly intake)

1 Describe your agency and its clientele. What are the demographics of the client base and surrounding community? How does the location and demographics of the agency affect service delivery?

2 What legal and ethical standards does your agency practice? What are your agency’s standards regarding appropriate boundaries with clients?

3 . As you are working with your agency during this unique time, and likely facing new challenges in serving your population of clients, I’d like you to take a look at this TedTalk video on how to effectively handle change, especially unexpected change, in our lives. Please share your thoughts: