FAU Boomerang by Tom Sleigh Main Insight on the Father Child Relationship Essay

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Write a one-page, double-spaced essay that responds directly and substantively to the specific questions in (1) below and that meets the requirements listed in (2) below.

—What main insight or perspective on the father-child relationship in “Boomerang” doe the poem as a whole convey?

—How is that insight or perspective shaped by the poem’s speaker, given its characterization of that figure?

Structure your analysis as a two-paragraph response to these questions, writing one well-developed paragraph for each question and organizing them in the order of the bulleted questions above.

Begin each paragraph with a statement that directly answers its particular question, which will serve as the “idea” or “topic” sentence of the paragraph. Then, develop—that is, provide substantive explanation of—the point that your idea or topic sentence makes. In each paragraph, include in your development/explanation some relevant evidence from the poem as support, whether by paraphrasing an example or detail or (optionally) incorporating a direct quotation from the poem.