Facial expressions 250 words

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A lot of our information is gleaned from facial expressions. Our first impressions are often formed based on facial expressions. This should be an interesting Forum. There are two parts to the forum and two opportunities to practice uploading images (Trust me, it gets easier!)

Part 1

1. Select a photo of two people interacting (can be from the Internet or your own collection) and upload it to the Forum. You must upload the photo to get credit for this assignment if you have trouble you can also attach it. Answer the following questions:

a. Describe the person’s facial expressions. Do they match up with any of the descriptions of the emotions listed in Chapter 5 of your text? Did the other person in the picture have a similar expression?

b. Why are non-verbal communications so important to a manager? Can you think of any barriers that you have ever seen?

c. How do cultural differences affect non-verbal communication? If you have you ever experienced any cultural differences in non-verbal communication what were they and were you aware that they existed?

Part 2

1. Select a Disney character based on one word and consider what nonverbal behavior of that character prompted you to think of that character.

a. Use words that would describe the character traits illustrated like bold, coy, aloof, authoritarian, respected, dismissive etc. Find a picture of that character to display with your discussion post.

b. What non-verbal cues did this character exhibit most to you? Be specific, i.e., facial, eyes, hand gestures, stance, distance etc.

c. Is this character relatable to you? Why? Do others think so?

d. What would you change about this character?

e. Do others think you remind them of this character?

Let’s have some fun!

Discussion Guidelines