Explain what international cooperation strategies options available

This is a paper that is requiring the student to explain what international cooperation strategies options available. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of this assignment paper.

Explain what international cooperation strategies options available

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Please find the mid-term assignment below:

It is October 2020. COVID-19 epidemic is again surging around the world wreaking havoc on economies and healthcare systems. Countries small and large, developed and also underdeveloped continue to struggle to get this outbreak under control. As we know by now, different countries have implemented different measures to combat the epidemic. International organizations are working hard to establish cooperation between countries. Also, keep the pandemic under control while allowing the world economy to keep afloat.

WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes that no country alone can win the war against this pandemic. That a successful strategy must involve international cooperation. For that reason, WHO is calling on countries around the world to submit their comprehensive proposals to build a successful mechanism of international cooperation to fight the pandemic. The president of your country (you can choose any country in the world, big or small) has asked you to create a proposal that your country will submit to WHO.

In your proposal, please explain what international cooperation strategies you suggest. What goals your country hopes to achieve and also how will your country attract other countries to participate in this plan. Remember, a successful strategy requires a clear statement of goals and effective tools to achieve these goals. Please discuss what difficulties and obstacles you expect to face in achieving your goal and how you plan to overcome these obstacles. Please feel free to use any available sources (papers, books, news articles, websites etc.), but make sure you cite to any sources used.