Explain how to manage time so school work, house work, and any other responsibilities are taken care of effectively

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20 points – Introduction: Essay needs to begin with a clear thesis that states the subjectand the pointyou will make about it. Underline the thesis.

50 points – Body: Will present information in a logical, ordered way. Each paragraph will contain one main idea, fully developed with supporting details and descriptions. Transitions will move story from one paragraph to the next.

10 points – Conclusion: Will wrap up the details and bring the story to an end.

10 points – Pre-writing and Outline.

10 points -Proofreading and editing for fragments, comma-splice, run-on,

second person, apostrophes.

_____ Two FULL pages

_____ Size 12 Font

_____ Double Spaced

_____ Standard Margins

_____ Pre-writing and Outline

_____ Thesis Underlined

_____ APA Style

_____ Abstract

_____ Do not use first or second person in your writing!