I’m stuck on a Chemistry question and need an explanation.

Experiment 6 Protocol @ Home Lab (READ)

Borax Crystal Snowflake: Physical Properties and Recrystallization ( Please be prepared to take photos of your borax (or sugar) crystal (1 total)

I’m going to attached the experiment after when you do the experiment after do those questions :

PreLab Questions

1.Is boiling water a physical or chemical change? Explain your answer with complete sentences.

2.List the pure substances and mixtures in this lab.(Read through the procedure.)

3.How many liquid ounces are in a pint? How many gallons is this? How many milliliters is this? Show your work. Record your answersto the correct number of significant figures.

4.List the postulates of Dalton’s atomic theory.

Observations and PostLab Questions

1.Describe what the dry borax looked likebefore dissolving in the boiling water.

2.In the table below, record your observations of the dissolved borax solution before the overnight step and after the overnight (recrystallization) step. Note the appearance of your snowflake.

Before overnight recrystallization: After overnight recrystallization:

Description: Description:

Drawing: Drawing:

3.Which postulate of Dalton’s atomic theory is studied in this lab?

4.What do you see when the crystal snowflake catches the sun?What does it remind you of?