Evidence-based nursing practices identification to problems

This is a paper that is focusing on the evidence-based nursing practices identification to problems. The paper also provides performance objectives to achieve in the assignment paper.

Evidence-based nursing practices identification to problems

Paper details
This Assignment focuses on identifying appropriate evidence-based nursing practices related to specific problems you may identify as you work in the healthcare/workplace setting. As a part of your Information Retrieval Paper, you will begin development of a research question using PICO format.
For this Module 3 Assignment you will prepare a Title Page in proper APA format for your Information Retrieval Paper, identify three peer-reviewed articles, and also summarize each article using APA format.

Performance Objectives
Identify a clinical problem in your workplace setting.
Develop an appropriate research question using PICO criteria and also format. (Write 2-3 well written sentences for full credit.)
Summarize 3 peer-reviewed, evidence-based articles/literature related to your clinical problem and also research question.
Use correct grammar, punctuation, and also APA format expected in writing professional papers.Rubric and PICO Format
Additionally, use this rubric to guide work on the Module 3 assignment, “Information Retrieval Paper, Part 1.”
Lastly, research question must be stated in PICO format. See Chapter 10 of the Role Development textbook for the formatting. Be sure to address all four PICO components of the question.

Evidence-based nursing practices identification to problems

1. Firstly, identifies a clinical problem in the workplace that would be under a nurse’s control in 2-3 well written sentences (15 points)

2. Secondly, clearly states question and completes PICO format. Problem, Intervention, Comparator, and also Outcome is appropriately stated. (15 points).

3. Thirdly, clearly explains why research question was chosen (10 points)

4. Fourthly, develops title page components in APA format with no errors. (10 points)

5. Subsequently, clearly and concisely summarizes 3 professional, peer-reviewed articles that address a research question. (25 points) i.e. On each of the 3 articles:
Compose an overview about your choice of the three articles. Answer these questions:
Where did you search for articles?
How did you decide what articles to include?
Post references to the three articles in APA format.
Summarize the article and also how it addresses your research question.

6. Consistently uses correct mechanics and also APA format in writing professional papers (no errors).
7.Critical Analysis
Completeness of analysis
8. Conclusion
Synthesis of key points for the 3 articles
9. Reference Page
Sources cited in APA format
References complete
10. APA format
Citations in the body of the paper
Paragraphs of at least three well-written sentences
Organization and flow