Everest Rehabilitation of Offenders Using Punishment Based Programs Literature Review

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  • Literature Review

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    The student will write a 10–12-page Literature Review on a specific problem in criminal justice. It should not be a descriptive paper but one that critically examines the problems and the competing solutions. The student should make an argument if need be. The paper must utilize at least 12 significant, scholarly resources that are significant to the topic (current, relevant, credible, and each carries its weight) with a clear and meaningful connection between all the resources. If a student is struggling with current APA format, he/she may refer to the Additional Information folder for help. If you need more help understanding how to analyze scholastic literature consult the corresponding section in your APA manual.Include the following elements in your paper:

    • Title page including a running head
    • Abstract and key words
    • Body

    The body of the paper consists of all of the questions a person would ask if you mentioned the hypothesis to them. What is it I am researching? What is the current problem? What is the solution? What do my critics say about the problem and my solution? What does the literature say about the problem and my solution? What gaps in the literature will my solution address? If successful, what are the implications of my research? And a conclusion. Conclusion (Make sure you reflect back upon your thesis statement and make adjustments as needed.)

    • References

    Your paper must be at least 10-12 pages. This will include the Cover Page, Annotated Bibliography, Research Questions, Supporting Documentation and Reference Page. Organize and format your paper according to current APA format. Review the Literature Review Rubric to see how this assignment will be evaluated.