Evaluating article use one of 7 Scientific Validity of the Article

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only need one paragraph to do !must be close to half of one page ! YOU have to see another file below which is study guide example in page 21 , 7 Scientific Validity of the Article ( Empiricism,Uniformitarianism,Parsimony,Uncertainty,roof is elusive,Repeatability,Testable questions) you have to use one of 7 Scientific Validityto write one paragraph !!

Step one read article See below file attached

step 2 The purpose today is to analyze/locate traits of science or junk science in the article.Perhaps the fastest way to determine if this is junk science is to label the parts of the rhetorical situation, including a consideration of author(s), audience, purpose and perhaps even ethos, logos and pathos—doing so should help you identify scientific and/or unscientific traits. Remember: TEA requires evidence (E). Since you are making a claim about the article in your T, then your E will need to support that claim with specific evidence from the article. Consider copying and pasting the textual evidence you collect into a Word document. Professional writers often start drafting from an evidence-base, so listing the specific evidence (usually quotes) is good habit to get into.

Step 3 sing the evidence you have collected, write ONE TEA paragraph,In your Topic sentence make a claim as to whether or not you think the article is scientifically valid (Decide: real or junk science?). Include your Evidence for this claim in the E, and explain why this evidence proves your T in the A.

TEA mean Topic sentence ,Evidence ,Analyze