Evaluate the quality of a movie or television show essay

This is a paper that is focusing on the evaluate the quality of a movie or television show. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper well.

Evaluate the quality of a movie or television show

You will compose an essay where your goal is to evaluate/judge the quality of a movie/television show* and argue for why you think is the best or most significant, etc. within its genre, and offer concrete, logical support for your judgment. The goal is to support your judgment with sound, fair, thorough evidence-based on clearly established and fair criteria, and to make comparisons between the movie/television show you select and the others in the same genre. *You may also select an album or a video game (we will discuss this).

This response should:

Demonstrate a clear understanding of the writer’s (director’s, etc.) position
Demonstrate understanding of a fair and academic tone
Summarize the text (movie/television show) being examined clearly and fairly.
Write a clear thesis statement that predicts the entirety of their essay.
Write in such a manner that grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors are minimal
Also, write well developed and well-organized paragraphs with smooth transitions

Evaluate the quality of a movie or television show

Offer a logical and focused overall organization
Offer relevant examples and details to support their thesis.
Must use at least two sources and no more than three sources.
The review should neither be all glowing or all negative. To be critical, there must be elements of both.
Avoid merely explaining what the subject is “about.” Instead, “evaluate” its quality. This essay is all about evaluation.
This essay must meet all the Course Student Learning Outcomes (see syllabus).
Specific Requirements:

3-4 typed pages, Typed, Double-spaced, Times New Roman (Ariel or Calibri is also acceptable), 12 point font, 1-inch margins all the way around, MLA Format (see format example below).

2-3 appropriate sources correctly incorporated into the essay and used as support for the argument.

NOTE ABOUT LENGTH: Your completed essay must go to the very bottom of the third page to count as “complete”–it is, therefore, a good idea to go to the top of the fourth page, just to be sure.