Evaluate the overall effectiveness of a recent president

This is a paper that is focusing on evaluate the overall effectiveness of a recent president. The paper also provides additional criteria to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.

Evaluate the overall effectiveness of a recent president

Your task is to select and evaluate the overall effectiveness of a recent president, using criteria developed from some of the following topics.  You need not address all of these topics, but the more you can address in your paper the better.  Especially important to your analysis will be your evaluation of the president’s performance in respect to specific policy issues.

Experience:  Presidents do not bring a blank slate to their administration; their ability to govern can be largely shaped by their previous experiences in and out of government.  Discuss the extent to which previous jobs or government positions facilitated your chosen president’s ability to govern at the national level.

Foreign Policy:  The presidency is a unique job in American politics in that its emphasis on foreign policy has enormous repercussions for world affairs.  Discuss how the president has faced major foreign policy challenges. Including how his responses to thos challenges are indicative of his overall effectiveness.

Evaluate the overall effectiveness of a recent president

Economy:  Rightly or wrongly, presidencies are often evaluate upon economic performance.  Address the president’s approach to the economy and whether his apparent successes or failures are indicative of his overall effectiveness.  In other words, did the president have an impact on the economy, or was the outcome inevitable, regardless of the policies?

Domestic Policy:  In addition to the economy, presidents tackle other domestic issues such as health care, social security, etc.  What are some of the notable domestic policy proposals put forth by the president and have those proposals been successful?

Congressional Relations:  Presidents must work with Congress to pass a legislative agenda.  To what extent have presidential successes and failures been the product of the president’s ability to work with Congress?  How has the partisan makeup of Congress over the course of a president’s term played a role in this relationship?

Public Relations:  Presidents often rely upon their ability to rally the public behind them.  To what extent has the president been successful in this light, both in terms of job approval and in terms of rallying support behind policies?  How have this president’s popularity (or lack thereof) shaping the ability to get favorable legislation pass?