EU anti-discrimination law Court of Justice Advocate General

This essay entails a resaerch paper on the EU anti-discrimination law and the roles performed by the Court of Justice Advocate General. EU anti-discrimination law enables that the rules are followed despite the class or political level of the one in prosecution.

EU anti-discrimination law Court of Justice Advocate General

Firstly, upon completion of the course,  write a paper on a simulated legal case in the area
of EU anti-discrimination law. In this paper, you should assume the role of an Advocate General at the Court of
Justice of the European Union in relation to a preliminary ruling. You will, therefore, advice the Court on how to
resolve the case.

Secondly, in your response, you are expected to mimic both the logic and style of Advocate General at the
Court of Justice (in the part of the AG’s Opinions, regarding the assessment of the case), as well as the Court itself
(demonstrating the knowledge and consistent comprehension of the Court’s case-law, discussed during this course.

Also, your response should be a maximum of 3 pages (Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12,
Line Spacing 1.0 point, Margins: Normal [2.5cm all sides], including footnotes if needed (consistently following
Demonstrated knowledge of central concepts of EU anti-discrimination law.

Thirdly, ability to identify and utilize relevant case law of the Court of Justice Clear style of narration and logical structure  Ability to logically formulate your legal answers, mimicking the arguments of the Court of Justice and the style of its Advocate General(s) as closely as possible to the current reasoning of the Court in its recent case law.

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