” ethical and philosophy of mass media course”

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Write an essay in which you synthesize the content of Parts I-IV in the Altschull text into a contextual framework for how the Ethics of journalism developed in the United States.

You may agree or disagree with the author. You may reference philosophical perspectives that are absent in this text. You will want to discuss journalism as it exists in the United States in 2020. Specifically, what does our current experience suggest about the nature of man and how journalists should operate.

Finally, you must include a discussion of Capitalism v. Collectivism. Do you think the portrayals set out in Atlas Shrugged are accurate or informative?

80% of your score will come from

1. Your evidentiary understanding of the topic.

2. Your advancement of a thesis.

3.Your development of the thesis with well developed argumentation and appropriate sources.

4. Your connection of your thesis to philosophical principals studied in this class.

The remaining 20% of your grade will be based upon your blind review of a peer’s essay.