ethic decision making health administration

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  1. Research three resources that address what an HIV/AIDS patient or

    employee should know. Consider why this topic has so many relevant or dedicated sites, what they address, and how they differ.

  2. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following questions. Incorporate the workshop readings into your answers, which should be at least one paragraph (150 to 200 words) for each question.
    1. Identify three impacts of the HIV/AIDS crisis on ethical decision making.
      1. What are these impacts and how do they work?
      2. How do these resources provide or support a service or program for a healthcare provider or patient?
    2. Public health laws universally require reporting of specific communicable diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases. This often generates contact tracing.
      1. How does this requirement differ for HIV/AIDS, or does it?
      2. Is such reporting consistent with biblical principles? Why?